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Valuation With Integrity


During this difficult time, we offer the peace of mind and skills to do the proper report needed to try to assist in helping to resolve a complicated period in your life. As an independent voice, the report that is provided is not influenced by any party and can be counted on in full confidence in determining your home’s market value. There are normally two options when trying to resolve the issue with the marital home, 1. the home is sold and the proceeds are split, or 2. one spouse buys out the other spouse.  In either case, an appraisal should be ordered by one of the parties.

We will work with your attorney and provide a clear and descriptive report that represents the true value of the marital home that can be defended in court. If you are working through mediation or negotiating with attorneys, our appraisal report will provide a good basis for where the value of your home lies. Both parties typically have varying opinions of the value of the marital home and which elements contributes the most to that value. Our report will explain and help you to understand where our value is derived from through the comparable sales and rationale utilized in the report.

The integrity of the report is the most important factor in determining the final value, so it is imperative that our independence is reflected in the report.  Our experience with divorce cases will be evident as our report best reflects the value of the home and not influenced by any of the parties involved. This will give you the confidence that the report will be a useful tool in negotiating an acceptable resolution.