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Estate Settlements

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Estate Settlements

A situation may arise where you are suddenly placed in a position to handle the affairs of a home and don’t know where to turn. Or, you have been prepared knowing the time would come where you are responsible for handling the real estate for a parent, relative, or friend, or other loved one. Whether you are prepared or not, assistance in understanding the current market for this asset is a must and should be trusted in the hands of a professional real estate appraiser.

Another type of report that may be needed to settle an estate is a retrospective value. This is simply a date for the report, that is usually marked by the date of death of the owner. The report will determine the market value of the home based on a specific date in the past.

If you are heading the handling of a home for re-sale this can be difficult and challenging amongst family members, as emotions and financial goals don’t usually meet. Our appraisal report will be able to sensitively remove the emotion and provide the proper market value, in order to move forward with aiding in the decision to best handle the estate.

Allied Appraisal will provide you a report you can have confidence and peace of mind in order to move forward with the next steps in this process. The report will be viable for your attorney or your tax preparer. Whether it’s a childhood home or a home that you have no emotional ties to, we are the professionals to count on in dealing with these matters. Our reports explain in detail adjustments and our reasoning for the value that is determined. We will also be available at the conclusion to discuss our findings so you have full confidence in your report.